Top 6 Studios For Music Video Production In Malaysia

A camera used by a filming crew for music video production in Malaysia

Music Video Production Companies To Look Out For

Music video production in Malaysia has changed dramatically over the years, combining creative visuals with unique production styles. Music video production companies have followed suit — exploring new ways of creating music videos through expert production and artful direction. In this blog post, let’s take a look at some of the top video production agencies in Malaysia.

Ace of Films

This Malaysian video production agency is renowned for creating commercials, corporate videos, event capture and music videos. Their talented team is committed to providing high-quality service and original work — promoting artists with interesting music video direction. 

In addition to music videos, the impressive portfolio featured on their website includes beautifully designed commercials and motion graphics based on different requests. Ace of Films offers a range of services built to fit different client budgets, providing flexibility on music video production cost.

The Moving Image

Next up — The Moving Image! Our creative solutions agency combines versatility with experience, innovating music video production in Malaysia. Each music video is prefaced with detailed storyboards, building on each artist’s vision with expert production talent. The adept behind-the-scenes team manages consistent communication with talented artists, creating high-quality videos without compromise.

The Moving Image is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of video productions, offering a multitude of services that deliver client visions to target audiences. Our company fulfils the needs of music video production companies, film companies, documentary production units, commercial advertisers, 2D/3D animation studios and motion graphics editors, all-in-one!

Mbrella Films

Mbrella Films is an international production company that films a variety of music videos and other content for specific target audiences. Their music videos cover a variety of genres and production styles, suitable for many artists. 

Mbrella Films delivers a variety of interesting content, completing client requests across diverse media campaigns. Their previous work includes video production for commercials, brand stories, corporate videos, 2D animations and music videos. As a creative video agency, Mbrella Films manages all stages of video production, from conceptualisation to post-production.

An artist in a shoot with one of Malaysia’s music video production companies

Alohomora Pictures

Alohomora Pictures is a creative film and production studio based in Petaling Jaya, capable of multiple video concepts. They provide accessible music video production cost, supporting artist visions from the ground-up. Artists can execute their music video concepts even with affordable budgets.

Their production capabilities include newer types of video production, with social media-focused content such as TikTok and self branding videos. Each branch of video production is separated into different categories, with separate packages and add-on services.

The Paradox Studio

The next company on our list of music video production in Malaysia is The Paradox Studio. Their production workshop provides clients with a myriad of services including commercial shoots, drone videography, motion graphics, live video streaming, production support and more. They specialise in multiple video formats, combining different production techniques to reduce music video production cost.

Artists looking to record their own music videos have the option of added 2D/3D animations, increasing the production value of each shoot. The Paradox Studio includes audio engineering services in addition to location scouting and talent management, providing overall packages for music video production.

Camera equipment used as a part of music video production cost

Zappy Production

A standout between available music video production companies is Zappy Production. They offer similar services to other production houses, with a focus on digital media solutions and experiential marketing. Zappy Production’s unique approach to music video creation focuses lyrics into the storytelling of each M/V — from hypnotic techno to contemporary hip-hop.

Zappy Production brings their passion for narrative style into their video-making process. Their other services include explainer videos, TV commercials, AR/VR solutions and virtual event live streaming. 

Looking For Music Video Production In Malaysia?

Malaysia has a rich diversity of video production talent, with expertise ranging from music videos to commercial/corporate videos, documentaries and 2D/3D motion graphics. At The Moving Image, we are a highly-skilled and experienced team of professionals who can deliver any video requirements. 

In need of animated videos for advertising purposes? Corporate videos to showcase the nature of your business? Training videos to educate and improve your team of staff?

For any production questions, we have the answers. Get in touch with our video production team for more information.

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