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Our Story as a Production House In Malaysia

Moving Image is a homegrown production house in Malaysia, providing creative solutions for clients across the globe. Over many years of experience, we have evolved into a formidable production powerhouse — handling a variety of content across diverse genres, obtaining confidence from major clients.
Since our inception, we have maintained an unwavering passion dedicated to crafting, innovating, and inspiring consumers. We are committed to delivering exceptional stories that leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. Embark on this extraordinary journey with our film production company in Malaysia as we push boundaries and set new standards in video production.
Our team is made up of scriptwriters, videographers, sound technicians, producers, directors, editors, and 2D/3D modelling artists. We act as one, catering to a range of client requests including educational videos, 3D motion graphics, live event video production, annual report design and more!
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Looking Ahead

Future Goals

As an experienced production house in Malaysia, our goal is to cultivate enduring partnerships with each client. Each branch of our production team possesses the capability to shape your brand identity over time, weaving compelling narratives that capture consumer interest and actively engage viewers.
Our strategic expansion plans involve diversifying our range of services to align with evolving client and consumer preferences. At Moving Image, we generate value-added media that simultaneously boosts conversion rates and enhances the overall perception of your brand. Utilising a streamlined production process, we are dedicated to delivering content promptly and at competitive rates.
As your preferred production company in Malaysia, we aspire to captivate both local and international audiences, showcasing the best of our talent to elevate your brand. With cutting-edge technology across various disciplines, we serve as your one-stop solution for production, pioneering innovative content in multiple mediums.

What We Do

Our Services


Video production combines the best of creativity with technical expertise, bringing stories to life with script writing, cinematography, sound and lighting. Our production services include:

Post Production

Post production transforms raw footage to complete videos with seamless integration of special effects and motion graphics. Our post-production service list:

Video Services

We provide a variety of video services, encompassing event production, studio rental, and video editing. Here are some examples of our video services: