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What is Documentary Film Production?

Documentaries are video productions with a strong topic focus, elaborating on relevant subjects through interesting commentary. These films play an important role in spreading awareness about different issues, inviting viewers to reflect on presented themes. The Moving Image provides video production services to assist in every step of the documentary film production process, from strategic planning and scheduling to shooting and post-production.

As a video production company, we understand how to make an impact on customers and investors through documentary films. Our production team uses visual storytelling techniques to engage target audiences, capturing real-life events with added storyline elements. We have the tools and skills to produce compelling memorable documentaries. Above all else, we aim to capture the human experience through insightful storytelling, high-quality video production and captivating animations.

Why Invest In Documentary Film Production?

Documentary films continue to be an important part of brand strategy, shedding light on topics that are otherwise overlooked. Customers that have in-depth knowledge on topics relevant to different products tend to be more interested in completing a purchase. As documentaries are more focused on information-gathering than a direct sales approach, consumers are more likely to engage with brand content as educational learning instead of advertising.

Companies commission documentaries to inform viewers about subjects relevant to different products and services. Our video production company combines expertise in storyboarding, script writing and cinematography to capture important moments in history. Each documentary is combined with in-depth research to shape narrative structure and capture the essence of a project. With each documentary film production, clients can inform consumers about topics relevant to brand products and services in interesting ways.

Our Documentary Film Process

The three-stage process of filming documentaries is used to ensure an efficient production workflow. Throughout the multifaceted journey of writing, shooting and editing the storylines presented, our team coordinates ongoing progress with clients to ensure complete satisfaction. Extended research is poured into every stage, developing the narrative and topics featured.


At the pre-production phase of filming, Moving Image crafts documentary concepts based on client requests. Research is completed based on similar work, with relevant input on storyboarding and production requirements. Supplementary data about the documentary’s subject is collected for reference throughout the later stages of the project.
Permits from the local authorities are sourced for documentaries set in specific locations, reducing unexpected issues. The shooting schedule is confirmed, planning the logistics of talent/actors, location setup and equipment rental. Throughout the pre-production process, client input is used to build the foundation of the documentary.


After the cast, script, mood board and references have been approved, our production team conducts on-site shooting. For documentaries that reenact events, subjects complete scenes on-location. The filming process is helmed by our expert director and cinematography team, reducing outtakes and unusable footage.
Added B-roll and behind-the-scenes shots are also recorded for social media postings. The documentary’s focus on its subjects is maintained throughout the process, in line with the project vision built in pre-production. Production executes the bulk of the documentary’s work, resolving any issues within the set time frame.


As the final stage of the documentary filming process, post-production polishes the footage, adding needed subtitles and special effects to the live footage. Audio visual expertise including sound mixing and colouring is completed at this stage, integrating each element of production. Raw footage is spliced and rearranged, following the storyline set during pre-production.
Added 2D/3D animations are added at this stage, combining interesting visuals with existing production footage. The compelling narrative told throughout the documentary is perfected with skillful video editing, with client feedback guiding the final stages of post-production.

Types of Documentary Film Production

Documentary films can be created in a variety of styles for different uses. Each film acts as a platform for cultural exploration, providing insight into different parts of the world. Clients can request different production styles to target a variety of audiences. Our company is capable of diverse documentary styles including:

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For any documentary film production work, look no further! Our script writing, cinematography and directorial team combine forces to execute your creative vision. Producing documentaries across multiple industries requires the dedication and attention to detail we’re known for. Together, we can elevate your film into an informative and entertaining video.

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