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What Is An Infographic Video Production?

If you have ever encountered a poster or pamphlet containing pie charts, graphs, or diagrams that contain written information, then that is a standard infographic. Infographic video production is made in an animated video format. Telling a great visual story using messages or information is a great medium to convey information to your audience. It is informative and highly entertaining due to its interesting visuals and animations. At The Moving Image, our infographic video production specializes in 3D animations. We believe that animated infographics help represent facts and figures by combining different animations to represent in-depth data that will give a better understanding for your audience.

Since the content is given, conceptualization can be tricky in infographic video production. It may seem simple, but crystalizing the ideas, data, and statistics into effortless yet engaging and understandable visuals requires effective communication of visually appealing information. The classical narrative would always start with the what, then the how and why. However, the main focus is on successfully breaking down the data into bite-sized pieces of high-value information. Our in-house experts can deliver the message with the tools that we have to bring your infographic video to reality.

How Animated Infographic Video Production Works

Animated infographics are not only an engaging instrument for your business, but they will also increase your digital marketing ROI. It grabs audience’s attention, evokes emotions, and starts conversations by simplifying everything. It is also another fun way of working on diverse topics. Furthermore, 2D motion graphics video production is the best for bringing to life your brand messaging and building a unique visual brand identity in the digital landscape. Infographic videos leverage the unlimited potential of animation to present information in a manner that elicits the desired response from the audience. The magic of minimalism is the true nature of an infographic. At The Moving Image, we understand the one rule: to show more and talk less. With our motion graphics company in Malaysia, we have worked on projects ranging from data visualization to product demos, from explainer videos to educational content. We have produced hundreds of video assets for clients in various industries, including healthcare, education, retail, and more.

Elevate Your Brand's Credibility Through Infographic Video Production

Producing a high-quality body of work with information that people are looking for will enhance your brand’s credibility, giving you much higher leads and conversions. It is important to know that 90% of the information is easily absorbed through infographic videos. Furthermore, infographic videos can reach a wider audience by using it on all social media platforms, drawing higher traffic to your social media profiles or website.

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