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Why Work With Our Animation Studio In Malaysia?

The Moving Image is an animation studio in Malaysia, a one-stop center for 2D and 3D animation works. We break boundaries with vibrant colors, interesting characters and adventurous storylines. Our company covers the full production process from pre-Production to post production, bringing animated content to life.

Animation is usable for a variety of videos such as commercials, educational videos, 3D renders and even corporate videos. The limitless possibilities of animation allow our team to creatively tackle different production requests. As a Malaysian animation studio, we pride ourselves on executing client visions through and through, completing projects to perfection. Our animators are highly experienced in creating different forms of 2D/3D animation, stop-motion, and typography captions, adding eye-catching visuals to any video.

Types of Animation

Animation is a powerful medium — with cost-effective, eye-catching graphics, your brand is sure to stand out. Our full-fledged animation studio completes production needs for standalone animated works and 3D modelling to visual effects and motion graphic subtitles. With our animation studio in Malaysia, we offer a plethora of animation categories including:

3D Animation

Animated videos come to life with 3D animation. Our character modelling and rendering techniques add realistic detail to each layer, bringing viewers deeper into the world of animated characters. Through our expertise in texturing and lighting, we can add 3D animation into other video styles such as commercials, social media postings and more.

2D Animation

2D animation is a well-loved format, with multiple commercial and creative uses. Our animators outline characters in vibrant detail, turning digital drawings into fleshed-out images. Clients can add 2D animation as motion graphics, super text, illustrations for products and services or even as added background images.


As seen in popular edutainment content, infographics combine text, data tables and images with information relevant to your company. The style often follows narration-driven storylines, bringing viewers into the animation through interesting hooks. Our in-house team of animators and writers combine expertise in script writing and storyboarding with animation, creating eye-catching visuals.

Engage Audiences With Our Animation Studio In Malaysia

Animation is enjoyed by all ages, increasingly popular amongst consumers aged 30 and below. This active demographic enjoys the bold style of animation, blending real-life footage with intriguing storylines. With our Malaysian animation studio, clients can expand reach into growing consumer markets through vibrant motion graphics.

For commercial and corporate videos, 2D/ 3D animations add a pop of colour and visual interest for otherwise mundane videos. Both consumers and investors maintain interest in content that is improved with animation. Animation stands on its own, as well. Cartoon shows and anime captivate audiences with their unique approach to storytelling, presenting impossible angles and unique visual effects that would have otherwise been too costly or impractical to film traditionally.

Quotation For An Animation Studio

As an animation company in Malaysia, The Moving Image has helped our clients to engage with a variety of audiences through creative animated content. We want to convey your stories in more engaging ways. Our videos aim to move your audience, be it through animated taglines in commercials or emotional, story-driven animated shows. Our in-house team of writers, storyboard artists and animators cover the entire pipeline of animation video production from the first draft to the final post-edit, bringing you exceptional animation at a reasonable price.

Get in touch and send us a brief of your project requirements. After a short strategy call, our team will return with a pitch deck and quotation for any creative video production.

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