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The Moving Image Animation Studio Malaysia is a one-stop center for 2D and 3D animation studios in Malaysia which offers creative animation using vibrant colors, fun characters, and adventurous storylines. The Moving Image covers the full production process from Pre-Production to Post Production and more, creating animated content from still images.

Animated content like animation commercials removes superfluous images and verbiage, making it easier to convey ideas with The Moving Image Animation Studio Malaysia. This helps to deepen visual understanding much more than live footage.

As a leading Malaysian Animation Studio, our animators are highly experienced in creating different forms of animations such as 2D animation and 3D animation, stop-motion, and typography animation to bring your story to life.

Animation Studio Malaysia: Objectives

In The Moving Image Animation Studio Malaysia, we offer a plethora of animation techniques;

It’s a powerful media that’s cost-effective, easy to manage, and will make your most important ideas stand out. Animated video even requires fewer resources than you’d imagine.

Animation Studio Malaysia: Quotation

The Moving Image Animation Studio Malaysia has been helping our clients to engage with their audience through extensive and creative animated content. We will help to convey your stories in a more creative and engaging form that will move your audience.

Our in-house services cover the whole pipeline of animation video production from scriptwriting until the final post-edit at a reasonable price.

Get in touch with us and send us a brief of your project and requirements for us to share the quotation for a creative video production output. Everything is possible with us in The Moving Image Animation Studio Malaysia.

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