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With 5 years of experience under our belt, The Moving Image 2D Animation Studio Malaysia has gained vital experience in producing 2D animation video for a variety of purposes and clients. Our 2D animation studio in Malaysia can create any kind of 2D animation videos for multiple industries.

We can bring to life your ideas through visually aesthetic animations that will showcase your product or service in a compelling and entertaining way. The message you want to convey is easily communicated via our animated videos.

The experts in our team are connoisseurs at constructing high quality, high definition 2D animation videos. Our team is equipped with high-tech tools and operational facilities that will push your vision from ideas into existence.

One Stop Solution For All Your 2D Animation Needs

At Moving Image Animation Studio Malaysia, we are your all-around 2D animation studio since we specialize in everything 2D animation-related. Some of our expertise in 2D animation include:
Our enormous versatility in 2D Animation Studio Malaysia is the reason why you should enlist our help to breathe your ideas to life. Listed as a famous 2D Animation Studio in Malaysia, we are certainly the right choice for you if what you’re looking for is top-notch animation.

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If you’re interested in hiring us to create the best 2D animation video in Malaysia, then feel free to send us references, briefs, illustrations, written plots, or anything else that can help illustrate your ideas.

At The Moving Image 2D Animation Studio Malaysia, we start from the ground up, collecting your ideas or visions for conceptualization as well as scriptwriting.

2D Animation Studio Malaysia is not only an inexpensive choice for you to deliver your marketing message but it’s also an effective way to engage your audience with visually breathtaking production quality. All this without the use of real-life actors, locations, props, or a production crew. We are able to deliver your customized 2D animation within tight deadlines because that’s just what we do: produce high-standard animation within a limited time.

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