2D Animation Malaysia – 2D Animation’s Visual and Narrative Styles

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Those that are doing 2D Animation in Malaysia face one of their hardest fears when they receive a report or a simple demand from a client wishing to do animation: on an empty canvas. However, as demonstrated by our team of professionals at 2d Animation Studio in Malaysia, all it really needs is the space and tools to enhance animation creation. These all depend on the company’s capabilities, whether they are willing to splurge some capital there for extra touch-up purposes. In this article, we will talk about the Visual and Narrative Styles of 2D Animation in Malaysia. The various 2D animation project styles take into account both the narrative and visual styles.

2D Animation in Malaysia – Visual Styles

Motion Graphics

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In a 2d animation video, it is important to understand motion design in its simplest form, considering how it adds motion to graphic design materials like text, geometric forms, and straightforward images to enhance and project the message in a video clearly. It is frequently used as a promotional platform by companies of all sizes and is an effective visual tool for explaining complex concepts. Inanimate abstract pieces can have various meanings when combined with narration, enabling them to be used as parts of any form of explanation, regardless of the subject’s complexity.

Today’s 2D Animation 

In order to tell stories, this style typically uses more detailed images and characters. Most people think of 2D animation in Malaysia as “a more complicated Motion Design” because a bunch of its edits is based on how Motion Design uses abstract components and changes to tell a story. 2D animation studio Malaysia stated “ that the use of characters is among the things that make 2D animation more difficult. The impact on the production’s efficiency and budget is minimized by depending on software to optimize and enhance one of the labor-intensive processes in animation, which can be among the most time-consuming. 

Animated Frame by Frame

According to 2d animation Malaysia, this method’s creative flexibility is limitless because every frame is hand-drawn. As you may expect, all this power has drawbacks. Because it takes a long time, it affects both the project’s budget and schedule. The timeframe for the 2D animation studio Malaysia production is largely dependent on the number of specialists working on the scenes because there isn’t much that can be done in terms of “software aid” for this type of animation.

“Can I integrate Frame-by-Frame with any other method to minimize the number of individual frames that require to be drawn?” is a vital question to ask any company to make any production more environmentally friendly. The best part is that the response will usually be “yes” from a 2D animation video company. And you should definitely make the most of it since every instant that can be animated using different tool results in a significant reduction in the amount of time it takes a professional animator to complete their work (since they may require to draw from 12 to 24 images per second).

Media Mix

2D animation Malaysia emphasizes that “mixed media is merely the mixing of diverse visual forms.” It can be a mix of frame-by-frame with live-action, stop-motion and motion design, motion design with collage, and a lot more. 2D Animation in Malaysia demonstrated that the key to innovation is surprising, and mixed media is the ideal medium for that. It blurs the lines between what is expected from the story and what really happens, opening up possibilities for amazing and unusual outcomes.

2D Animation Malaysia: Narrative Styles

Because it affects the majority of the project’s processes, determining the story’s tone and outlining its narrative development are essential. The moodboard, the screenplay, the duration of the animation, and even the type of soundtrack can all be impacted by the direction that is chosen. 2D animation Malaysia mentioned the following as some of the most popular animation narrative types:


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It serves as a catch-all phrase for animations used to promote products by employing an appealing visual language and a particular copywriting style that persuades a viewer to purchase or look for a product. Its output can vary greatly, ranging from TV commercials to 6-second animations on social media, making it the most widely used marketing tool for companies. Despite the fact that copywriting is crucial for every form of marketing asset, it is particularly crucial in advertising: Your advertisement must be memorable. You can make use of current affairs, be controversial, or try something completely new. Advertising is all about creativity and surprise, as 2D animation Malaysia demonstrated. 

Content Videos

The popularity of content videos increased despite the fact that explainer videos were already popular. The goal of content videos is to use storytelling to elevate a brand above its individual products. Instead of attempting to sell you the product directly, it offers the vision and core principles of the company. 


One of the most successful combinations is educational material and animation. Interesting educational content is necessary to explain difficult subjects. It can be challenging to keep people’s focus in these situations.

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