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Moving Image is one of the best 3D Animation Video Company in Malaysia. We have vast experience in crafting 3D animation for a wide range of clients. Our Animation Studio In Malaysia produces animations across various industries.

Animation commercials, like 3D Animations, are great if you have a complex idea or product that you wish to show in an approachable and more engaging way. Animated videos can deliver your message quickly and efficiently.

Our in-house experts have plenty of experience in many different forms of animation stop-motion characters to Maya 3D rendering, modeling, and compositing. We have the facilities and tools necessary to bring your animation to life.

3D Animation Studio In Malaysia

In our studio, we specialize in different animation techniques that include:
That’s why you should consider approaching one of the best 3D animation companies in Malaysia to reap the benefits of animated video production.

3D Animation Malaysia Quotation

To request an animation project with Moving Image, feel free to send us references, briefs, illustrations, plots, and other assets that you wich to share with us.

Moving Image can execute your idea from start to finish. Our 3D animation process will begin with concept development and scriptwriting.

Animation is a cost-effective option for delivering your marketing message. Moving Image will produce meaningful visual content without the need to hire additional actors, locations, props, or a production crew. Everything can be delivered within tight deadlines by our in-house 3D animation production experts.

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