How Much Does TV Commercial Production Cost?

Video storyboard concepts used by production houses in Malaysia

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Have you ever wondered about TV commercial production cost? As a production house in Malaysia, The Moving Image creates a variety of advertisements for clients across the globe. Our team leverages creativity and expertise in different fields to create cohesive promotional campaigns. As budgets differ between client to client, the final production cost changes as well. Small-scale commercials only featuring product shots are cheaper to produce than full-fledged campaigns with talent and influencer features. Listed below are some of the factors that affect TV commercial production cost.

Concept and Storyboarding

As a full-cycle creative solutions agency, The Moving Image works with brands to ideate and execute multiple product and service promotional campaigns. Prior to any shooting, our script writing and storyboarding team builds the foundation for TV commercials from the ground up. Understanding client goals is our main priority, with confirmations about the production brief leading into a convincing storyline. By enlisting our services from the beginning, clients can avoid experiencing a disconnect between video concept and final execution.

Talent Casting and Management

Once the script and storyboard is confirmed, the commercial then proceeds to casting and management of different talents, models and influencers. Our in-house booking team manages a diverse roster of talent suited for TV commercials, increasing the video’s production value. Each talent is handpicked, with proposed actors, models and influencers presented to the client prior to shooting. Our team handles communication between brands and talents throughout the entire process.

On-location shooting scenes by a Malaysian production company

Location Shooting

For on-set location shooting, the various manpower costs of accommodation and travel affect the final TV commercial production cost. As set up building and dismantling is required for shooting, our crew is always the first to arrive and last to leave. In addition to the production crew, filming permits are also required to properly execute certain shots. Filming in public areas, private property and event locations require the permissions of relevant parties, an often overlooked production detail.

Costume and Set Design

Our wardrobe staff coordinate different outfits and accessories for talents and actors, selecting pieces suited to the scene. Behind each set, decor elements and setpieces can be built upon request, completing the client’s creative vision. Both of these production aspects  are important in guiding the commercial’s workflow, implementing the blueprint set out in the storyboard.

Production Crew

As mentioned previously, our hard working crew of directors, cinematographers, producers, stylist and sound/lighting crew are essential for each TV commercial production. Our Malaysian production company combines the best of local and international talent to execute commercial videos. Their individual roles combine to create TV commercials that inspire audiences and generate genuines excitement around brand products and services. Though each project may require more or less production labour, we work to ensure that everything stays within budget without compromising on quality.

Production Equipment

The wide range of audio visual equipment available in our production inventory is used for a variety of different campaign shoots and TV commercials. Sound and lighting setup is crucial to make the best use of talents in capturing the essence of any brand’s products and services. Specialist techniques such as dolly shots and extreme long shots are carried out through specified production equipment.

Video editing services used to determine final TV commercial production cost


Many video productions, especially TV commercials, require added visual and sound effects to enhance recorded footage. 2D/3D motion graphics can be as simple as adding on-screen text related to products and services to complex background and object renders. Our post-production team even manages different cutdowns of TV commercials for clients to feature their videos on different platforms.

Digital Marketing and Distribution

As an added feature to TV commercial production, digital marketing is used to promote advertising through online banners and social media platforms. With SEO-keyword research, our team selects marketing captions based on your target audiences, pinpointing the intended reach of your campaign. Distributing commercials through online portals and television requires airtime permits and licensing, a service offered by our team.

Work With An Experienced Production House In Malaysia

Now that you know more about TV commercial production cost, have a look at our service pages to view our different production capabilities. For clients in need of commercial videos, corporate videos, documentaries and event coverage, we have you covered. Worry no longer about communicating with different agencies, our one-stop solution to any creative project removes unnecessary layers behind TV commercials.

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