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About Music Video Production

The Moving Image provides top-quality music video production in Malaysia, complementing artist work from different genres and backgrounds. Our team transforms the essence of each song into a visual narrative that connects artists to their fans. We are not only a music video company. Our full-cycle video production services focus on executing creative visions and promoting the artists themselves. Clients that work with us receive professional music videos, with sleek production and hassle-free shooting.

How Is Music Video Production Cost Calculated?

There are a multitude of factors behind final music video production cost. The different aspects behind a complete music video are based on initial budget, with added features used to enhance the video’s look and feel. By combining these separate production stages, we provide cohesive music video production in Malaysia.

  • Location: Music videos often require specific shooting locations across different locales. For the production crew executing the video behind-the-scenes, the number and distance of shooting locations affects the music video production cost. As sound and lighting equipment requires initial setup and disassembly, our crew arrive early to oversee production details, only departing after complete dismantlement.
  • Crew and Talent: As a part of music video production, a host of directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, dancers, background performers and sound/lighting crew are present. The type and amount of manpower involved differs from project to project, though music videos are often enhanced by large-scale production. Artists have access to a variety of performers ranging from dancers to background musicians and live bands, complementing the songs featured in the music video.
  • Equipment and Technology: Our production crew used a wide range of audio visual equipment suited to different recording purposes. Sound and lighting equipment setup provides versatile angles for artists to present themselves, increasing production quality. Our in-house post-production team can also add special effects including song subtitles, 2D/3D motion graphics and animations.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Music video production in Malaysia extends beyond the videos themselves. To fully make use of a music video, artists have the option to support their recordings with additional SEO-related keyword research, increasing the video’s potential reach. Promoting singles, albums or even artists themselves is possible through our digital marketing capabilities.

Creating Music Video Concepts

Our music videos are built from the ground up, combining knowledge of production and post-production to craft a complete blueprint. Artists in need of our production expertise have access to our highly skilled crew at any point of the video production process. The three-stage development of a music video occurs as follows:


The first step to a music video is the core idea presented in the song. References are collected from related videos, album artwork, localised talent and more to complete the mood board for the project. A storyboard is presented, timed in accordance with different portions of the song.
Based on the client brief, additional talent is recommended after project confirmation. Background extras, additional dancers and performers are contracted within the client budget, completing the production in line with the artist’s vision.


For music video production in Malaysia, a crucial part of the recording process is matching the original song’s pace. To reduce outtakes, dancers and performers are trained to match the recording speed, with additional B-roll used to fill in recording gaps.
In addition to recording the artist and other performers, the cinematography of the set itself is determined by props and decor. Set design as referenced in the storyboard affects the pacing and visual storytelling of the music video.


As the final layer of polish behind music video production, post-production manages editing, visual effects, colour grading and sound design. Rearranging footage to match the pace of the recorded song may also include live footage, adding realism to each music video. Added visual effects are increasing in popularity as fans view music videos as an extension of the artist’s creative vision.


For clients in need of music video production in Malaysia, our talented team of writers, producers and editors are here to help! We combine expertise from a variety of video productions including event coverage, commercial videos, corporate videos, documentaries and more. Our team is available for contact through the inquiry form, able to answer any questions related to music video production cost or added promotional features. Give us a call or send us an email today!

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