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A Picture of A Film Shoot by A Video Production Company in Malaysia

It’s the year 2022 and technology has had a leap of advancement unlike any other we have seen in previous decades. These days, almost everyone owns a smartphone or some kind of smart device and these devices come equipped with cameras that are not at all bad in terms of quality. Despite how these days many filmmakers proclaim that they’re the next Steven Spielberg simply from making homemade videos with their smartphones, it’s definitely nothing that a proper video production company in Malaysia can produce. These days, even a random video production company in Malaysia can produce high quality, stunning and compelling videos. While it’s difficult to discern the best of the best, in this blog post let’s take a look at what are some of the top video production companies in Malaysia.


  • Kasra Design

This is a video production company in Malaysia that is renowned for making TV commercials, motion graphics, website videos, corporate videos, 2D and 3D animated videos and more. They are a talented group of people and are committed to giving the best service possible. They have an impressive portfolio featured on their website with very beautifully designed commercials in motion graphics that can be viewed. Kasra Design also offers a handful of packages that customers can select from based on their budget that they have, hence, providing a flexibility for their clients.

A Picture of A Film Set by A Video Production Company in Malaysia

  • Buzzwork Films

The next one on the list of production companies in Malaysia is Buzzwork Films. This video production company in Malaysia has got it all – they provide clients with a myriad of services including but not limited to feature films, documentaries, TV commercials, explainer videos, corporate videos and more. They specialise in all kinds of formats of videos such as live action, motion graphics, 2D or 3D animated and more. They also boast an amazing portfolio with prestigious and well known clients like Allianz Insurance, Affin Bank, Traveloka, Legoland and plenty of others. Buzzwork Films is truly impressive as they have accumulated roughly 36 reviews on Google and their current rating is 4.9 stars with many clients complimenting their incredible services.

  • SCM Asia

Another great video production company in Malaysia is SCM Asia. They offer many of the same kinds of services as mentioned above from other video production Malaysia but ever since they were founded in 2011, they have been focused on collaborating with large companies in Malaysia. SCM believes that with their remarkable experiences as well as their work commitment that they will be able to deliver the best videos to their clients. Part of their services include training videos for the development of a company’s staff, video testimonials to prove a company’s credibility, commercials and adverts, product demos to demonstrate how a product functions or how to operate it. Those are just some of the services they provide. 

  • Gary Chong Studio

Indicative of the name, the founder of this video production company in Malaysia is of course Gary Chong. The company was founded in 2011 by filmmaker Gary Chong. They pride themselves in being unique and unlike any average production company in Malaysia. Some of their clients range from banks, telcos, property developers, insurance companies, universities and so on. Gary Chong produces a broad scope of types of products such as TV commercials, infographic videos, corporate videos, campaign brand webisodes and even cinematic music videos. They have a 3.7 star rating on Google and their portfolio showcases an impressive number of very stunning and engaging videos.

  • Storyfrontier

This is a video production company in Malaysia that claims to be a creative production company. Storyfrontier has a vision of delivering the best work that aims to humanise the client’s requests as well as promote a sustainable future. Much like the other video production Malaysia companies, they produce the same kind of services including testimonials, interviews, live streaming content, non-profit/CSR videos. With brand names like Ferrero Rocher, UNICEF, Russell Taylors, Carsome and a plethora of other companies, Storyrontier is truly an impressive video production company in Malaysia.

A Picture of A Photoshoot by A Video Production Company in Malaysia


  • The Moving Image

Last but not least, our very own company – The Moving Image. If not the best video production company in Malaysia (although we certainly think we are. *wink* *wink*), The Moving Image is considered one of the top video production companies here. We are proud to offer a multitude of services that help tell the stories that our clients want delivered to their audiences, bridging through communication obstacles and assuring you high quality videos are made in the process. We make all kinds of products including but not limited to film production, video production, animation, motion graphics and so on. 

To conclude, it is hard to actually claim something like “We Are The Best Video Production Company In Malaysia” because there are so many amazing production company in Malaysia. But we can ascertain that at The Moving Image, we are a highly skilled and experienced team of individuals who can definitely deliver all of your video needs. Animated videos for advertising purposes? Corporate videos to showcase the nature of your business? Training videos to educate and improve your team of staff? We can help with all of that indeed. Get in touch with us for more information. In the meantime, happy reading. 

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