The Benefits of Infographic Videos

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What exactly are infographic videos you may ask? Basically, if you have ever encountered a poster or pamphlet containing colourful pie charts, graphs or diagrams accompanied by written data then that’s just a standard infographic. Infographic videos are exactly that but in an animated video format. They are a great tool to convey the messages or information you want your audience to know because they are not only informative but also highly entertaining due to the fun visuals and animation.

Read on further to discover what are the benefits of infographic videos.


How do infographic videos help your business?

Infographic videos are extremely beneficial as communicative tools because most people are visual learners. According to, 65% of the general population are visual learners so infographic videos are definitely something that can appeal to them. It’s important to note that 90% of the information that is sent to the brain is visual. Turns out that humans are quite skilled at remembering images rather than the written word. Most people can recall about 65% of the information that they’ve consumed visually. In contrast to that, only a measly 10% of information is retained if it is given verbally. Hence, just from all of this data it shows that infographic videos are truly an effective tool to use in the marketing efforts of your business. 

Furthermore, the advantages of infographic videos is that they are a perfect format to publish on multiple social media platforms. Almost all social media platforms allow its users to upload videos nowadays, thus, infographic videos can be used as the perfect item to reach out to a wider audience. Infographic videos are also suitable to be posted on websites or to be attached in emails which might result in drawing a higher traffic to your website or social media profiles. 


They help with further exposure to your content

Through thorough research, one can compile all the necessary and relevant information that can be the general makeup of your infographic video. The information you include in your infographic video may come from various resources, however, the look and feel as well as the design of the infographic video is entirely up to you. You may increase your company or your brand’s exposure if you create infographic videos that contain information that are relevant and meaningful to your audiences. It’s also possible to gain exposure from creating visually compelling infographic videos, adhering to the brand’s guidelines, and being able to convey complex information in a simple manner as well as tell an interesting story that can grab audience’s attention. 


Simplifying the intended message

If we visualise a simple video containing nothing more but texts on the screen, it is probably an educated guess to assume that most people will find that kind of content boring. Compared to an animated video with stunning graphics or animation, clearly the dull text-filled one is going to be overlooked by a majority of the audience. Hence, infographic videos with eye catching animation and motion graphics are perfect for people to retain the message you wanted to convey to them. The information presented to them is now in a more appealing package as well as being simplified in bite-sized and easy to consume chunks.


Easily shared

Many marketing and advertising professionals will unanimously agree that the shareability of infographic videos is one of the factors that make it extremely advantageous for a business or brand. A testament to how beneficial infographic videos are is that you can see it across many social media platforms, websites and social networks. You’re very likely to encounter them in website landing pages, blogs or articles. Infographic videos are easily shared because of the HTML code that allows them to be published across many platforms without losing its trace. 


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Help build your brand’s credibility

Attractive infographic videos that contain relevant data can help boost your brand’s credibility. This is because if you produce a high quality body of work that has info that people are looking for, it will inevitably enhance your authority. You can present yourself as an expert in your field through the creation of infographic videos that are original, highly packed with useful resources as well as relevant pictures. Some of the tips that you should keep in mind when building credible infographic videos includes:

  • creating aesthetically pleasing infographics that will generate some buzz 
  • remaining consistent with the quality of infographics
  • posting your infographic on highly credible websites
  • Create great looking infographics with the help of expert graphic designers
  • Share your infographic other trustworthy influencers in your respective field


Helps boost SEO

As stated before, infographic videos are very effective at building authority to your brand. This in turn relates to SEO as it helps boost SEO when your high quality and relevant infographic videos are used by other websites as a backlink, elevating your Google ranking on the search engine. In other words, the more appealing your infographic videos are the higher the probability of it being shared by others. With many backlinks posted on credible websites, the better your website SEO will be as well as Google will rank you higher.


Picture of man choosing the right fabric to reflect how the design of infographic videos need to be customised in detail


They further enhance your branding strategy

It’s best to produce infographic videos that are aligned with your brand’s image, message and identity. Basically, you want to create infographics that all have that signature look and feel of your brand so that the minute people view it, they’ll automatically associate it with your brand. 

If you carefully design your infographic videos by customising the colour, font, visuals and text placement, your audience will be able to discern which infographic video is yours or not. Therefore, the benefit of infographic videos is that you get to build brand awareness as well as further develop your branding strategy. 

To conclude, there are many benefits of infographic videos and this is not even an exhaustive list. There are many more reasons why infographic videos are highly advantageous such as being an eye-catching attention grabber, being highly functional and easy to track results. Perhaps we’ll discuss these other reasons in another blog post. Just keep in mind the many benefits of infographic videos and how they can help boost your business.

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