Promotional Video Production: The Whats and Hows

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What Is a Promotional Video?

So first of all, before we dive into what exactly is promotional video production, we need to understand what is a promotional video? Promotional videos or promo videos for short, are videos that are produced for all the intents and purposes of promoting their products or services to their audience. 

What makes a promo video a cut above the rest is when you try to take the video into a more conversational and personal direction rather than focusing too much on the sales aspect. Sure, you want to make money from your products or services but you have to be aware that sometimes a super obvious sales pitch is not the way to go and a more human approach is required. 

In this era of YouTube consumption, you are bound to have seen a video from a company where they wish you a happy celebration or take you down a trip of their origin story. These videos are all actually promotional videos. They are there to create a subtle awareness or reminder and influence you to buy their product but they opted not to make it so outright obvious. 

If you’re hoping to grow your business, then understanding exactly what a promotional video is can be the key to your success. Getting your team members on the right page as well is a good start so that they can all plan to create the types of promotional videos that would suit your brand image as well as the palate of your target audience.

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The Cost of Promotional Video Production

The next question on your mind now that you know what promo videos are is probably how much promotional video production actually costs, right? The answer to that question actually depends on all kinds of factors. The cost of a promotional video production can range from RM3000 to RM30,000 depending on factors like workforce, props, talent, equipment, sets and more. For example, a TV commercial production cost for something like a Hari Raya ad can reach RM30,000 or more because of the production value that goes into these types of ads. Hence, it’s safe to say that TV commercial production can be quite costly if we’re expecting something big like a Hari Raya or Chinese New Year video.


The Many Steps that Goes Into Promotional Video Production

So there are many video production KL companies out there that will have perhaps their own methods of creating promotional videos or TV commercial production but we’re here to tell you that generally the same steps will be taken by video production KL agencies out there. Here are some of the crucial steps needed to be taken in promotional video production:

The most vital aspect of creating an excellent promo video is the script that you create. Before you begin, ask all the important questions in order to have a seamless promotional video production process. Questions like, Why are you creating this promotional video?, who is your target audience?, what would you like them to do moving forward?  So, upon arriving at those questions, you will also arrive at the answers – this video is for you to drive sales by selling this product, the target audience are young adults and your call to action is for them to click on the website link and purchase the item from there.

Script writing helps with the promotional video production process in that it is the structure of the video. A great promo video usually contains a similar outline and that is:

  • Introducing a problem that your product or service helps solve.
  • Explaining the solution of how your service or product can help with the issue.
  • The unique benefits and values of the product or service that you have.
  • Finally, the call to action. What do you want your target audience to do after watching your promo video? Do you want them to call you? Email you? Visit your website?

A Picture of A Woman Filming Herself for Promotional Video Production

  • Determining the length of your video

Some things that you need to keep in mind when it relates to promotional video production is that if it’s a promo video or corporate video or TV commercial, it shouldn’t be too long. A good practice is to keep the script’s length not too long and not to go into too much depth about every single feature your product or service offers. You should always keep in mind that people’s attention spans aren’t incredibly long and they quickly move on to focus on something else. 

There are studies that prove that people tend to watch the full length of the promo video if the video isn’t too long. So it’s best to keep your promo video to be about one minute or two at most. 

  • Selecting a visual style

So for this part it depends on what kind of style or look and feel that you want for your promo video. Promotional video production process usually goes through brain storming stages when they are writing the script so sometimes it can be a traditional live action style video where you need to hire talents or actors and book places to film as a film set. Other times, it can be an animated video and you’ll need to use animation tools to create them or hire an animation production company. 

Good promotional video production will be meticulous about the style they use to create their videos. A lot of thought is put into the look and feel of a promo video. Is it celebratory? If so then it needs to have a bright saturation, great catchy music, talented actors and more. If it’s animated, the animation must flow well, and must look smooth and seamless. 

  • Editing the video

Like all video production processes, promotional video production also goes through the post production step. This is the part where the video editor edits the videos and makes it the finished product that is expected. Some of the finishing touches they will stamp on will be the music score, the sound effects, special effects or edits to make certain scenes brighter or characters have more spotlight on and more. A good promotional video production will ensure that everything fits, the music, the actors, the atmosphere of the video, the information and message that is being sent out are all perfect for its intended audience. 

In conclusion, promotional video production is a service that we, The Moving Image, also provides. So if you have a new product or service you’re eager to share with the world, head on over to us to get a quotation. We’re capable of breathing life into your promotional video ideas.

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