Music Video Production Cost: What You Need to Know

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For musicians, creating a music video is a key experience. A fantastic music video can attract new ears on its own and assist your audience in experiencing your artistic vision. However, music video production costs could seem excessive, especially for independent musicians. The estimated music video production cost might range from $500 to $1,500 (a day) for an artist on a tighter budget. This typically depends on where you are and what licenses you require. Although there may be more expenses throughout the way, this is the typical daily budget.

To help you explore the entire process and get a feel of how much a music video production costs, we will draw back the curtains on the music video production companies’ workflow in the sections below. Let’s get going!

How Important Is a Music Video?

Since music video production costs are huge, it is essential to consider whether you require one. Because these works of art can be so pricey, even the biggest record labels only give their best-selling musicians high-budget music videos. Remember that to succeed as an artist; you don’t need to have a fantastic music video. Although they might make you stand out as creative, beautiful visuals, remember these are not everything.

Can We Produce a Music Video with an Estimated Music Video Production Cost?

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Even the most basic professional music video production costs you back at least $2K. Still, with the assistance of an affordable pricing music video company, you can create a perfect music video on a tighter budget. A fantastic idea, excellent resource utilization, and a lot of passion are all required.

Music Video Production Cost: Where to Invest Your Money

The CEO of a music video company claims that there are numerous factors to consider when creating a music video. All of them are mentioned below with an estimated cost. However, we will try to cover every possible angle so you can appreciate the usual for a larger budget. Not every set will have or require the roles indicated below. You may be able to gather a team on your own if you have strong connections with music video production companies. If not, it would be a good idea to work with a music video company that has a crew ready to assist you. Remember that if you choose this path of action, you might need to employ a different post-production team to edit and assemble the material.

 Music video production cost


With an estimated music video production cost, you might spend most of your budget on the team workers. When filming a video outside of the movie industry, it often takes longer than an 8-hour workday. As a result, the cast and crew are usually paid every day. Here are the different salaries for the various job roles:

  • Director- $500 to $4000 a day: The director is mainly responsible for directing the creation and technical execution of music videos. He or she helps develop shots to achieve a vision.
  • Assistant Directors (ADs) -$300 and $600 a day: They are in charge of keeping the set running.
  • Producers -$500 and $800 a day: They manage all parts of the production procedure, including financing, planning, logistics, and visual elements.
  • The director of photography- $500 and $2,000 a day: They oversee all camera shots and lead the camera and lighting teams on location.
  • Camera Operator- $300–$800 a day: The camera operator follows the director of photography’s (DP) instructions to plan the appropriate camera motions for the project.
  • Gaffer- $200–600 a day: The gaffer oversees a team of lighting specialists who work to carry out the director’s vision.
  • Grip- $200–400 a day: Grip workers assist with equipment setup and on-site assistance.
  • Hair and makeup- $400–$800 a day: The hair and makeup artists provide Touch-ups for the talent’s looks throughout the photo session.
  • Runner- $200–$300 a day: The runner, also called the PA, is the personal assistant on set.
  • Wardrobe- $300–800 a day: The wardrobe assists in carrying out the talent’s outfit styles throughout the shoot.
  • Set Dresser- $200–$400 a day: Set dressers are in charge of organizing and occasionally arranging the props on a set.
  • Boom Operator- $200-$300 a day: Boom operators take care of audio equipment and use boom microphones.


Most of the time, renting equipment is necessary to create a quality music video. Mainly if you are shooting on a renowned Alexa or a Red Epic, equipment costs might add up quickly.


You must obtain permits in advance if you plan to film in or use a public area, which might be expensive.


Production sets and locations take up a big chunk of the budget, and you can rent them by the hour or day. Some locations offer discounted weekend or multi-day pricing.


Even though this is a very modest amount of the budget, you must prepare to fund the catering and staff snacks.


Not all of the video’s production is completed on location. You must budget for the costs of video editing, color correction, and promotion.

To Sum It Up…

The estimated music video production cost might change depending on several factors. The length, idea, setting, and actions you want to include in the video can significantly impact the music video production cost. You must also account for additional expenses like staff, casts, transportation, food, etc.  But if you want a professionally edited music video from start to finish. In that case, The Moving Image not only helps you cut your music video production cost but also makes sure you end up with a better music video.

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