What’s Latest Trend in Corporate Video Production?

corporate video production

Corporate video production is a big advantage in your business. Indeed, video has been growing into one of the most viewed content of the internet in recent years. Predictions and statistics suggest that it will not change anytime soon.

However, growth and development of new trends go hand in hand due to the rise of technology. As a video producer or video production company it is your job to stay up to date about new updates in the industry and to implement them into your strategies.

Below, we list a few trends that have gained prominence this year.


Aerial shots in Corporate Video

With the introduction of drones into the mark, aerial shots have become a very common feature of most corporate videos production. Using these unmanned aerial vehicles to shoot footage is now a standard expectation from most video companies.

We notice the same trend for corporate video because organizations are intent on using this new technology to their advantage. They aim to showcase their large facilities, their events, properties, and their overall achievements.

It is safe to say that drones are a good investment for anyone who works in the corporate video production industry and wants to add value to their services. If you find buying a drone a big investment, you can start with renting one and trying them out.


Shoppable video the most use in corporate video production:

Shoppable video is a recent trend that has picked up primarily on social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. While it resembles 360 degree it aims to coerce the viewer into immediately purchasing the product or services.

Snapchat is a simple example of this advertisement. Small videos ads pop up in between regular content and have a swipe-up option for the viewer to purchase. Instagram stories also take the customer directly to the website where he can view and purchase products.

These are entirely oriented to a target audience that views content on mobile screens. This is another common trend to keep track of. Most content and marketing today are primarily oriented to viewers who see them on mobile screens, and hence have the option of interacting with them immediately.


Projection mapping

A large number of companies have come to depend on expos, trade shows, and various fests to reach out to their target audience. Corporate video production becomes an essential tool in this case since it helps them gain immediate attention. It helps them market their product in the short period they have. Making a mark at these events and drawing the audience involves having an attractive. It is where projection mapping first entered the picture. It allows the projection of 3D images onto flat surfaces to create immersive experiences for living viewing. If you are a corporate video production company that focuses primarily on such events, you should include projection mapping in your services. It can help to boost significantly your value, as well as increase customer satisfaction.


Virtual reality

While VR still seems to be in the shadows, it will pick up the pace shortly. The demand for VR content has been limited so far only due to lack of awareness among the consumers, and the idea that producing and marketing it involves more resources than most companies are have.

The main issue is that these videos will require convincing the viewers to put on their VR headsets. With the rapidly changing consumer market, and the increasing awareness among viewers, it is safe to say that we will soon reach a point where these headsets will be commonplace.

Dozens of trends flood the corporate video production market regularly, but not all of them are bound to stay. Keep your eyes open to the new introductions you can benefit from, and the ones that your competition adopts. After all, staying on your toes is a pre-requisite for the video industry!

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