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When it comes to making a film or any other type of video project, great editing is responsible for a lot of the magic you see on screen. They begin with a lot of different materials, then cut and trim the parts together to form a comprehensive narrative structure. The end result is a video that tells the entire story, in a unique and stylish format. Let’s get started with the basics of what you’ll need to know about video editing services and further details of video editing in video production agency as well as its role in businesses.


Elements of Video Editing Services

Video editing services are a process of refining a video using special effects for various mediums like motion pictures, commercial, corporate or online videos. There are various elements of video editing services to create a certain look and feel that a video is aiming for that including montages, transitions, visual effects, and motion graphics. A montage  is a sequence of various shots edited together to illustrate an idea. A video transition is a method used in post-production to connect two shots together in order. A few popular transitions like “the cut”, “dissolve” and “fades” are the most common transitions used in video editing services, and are considered essential basics for video editing. Visual Effects, which are also known as VFX allow you to complete a scene by adding missing parts or deleting undesired elements to amplify the video. In video editing services, an example of visual effects is realistic-looking CGI explosions or a talking ape. Motion graphics are animated visual elements intentionally moved on the screen. A video editor can generate and animate stylized clips, lower third text animations, complicated title sequences, and even 3D compositions.

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Phases of Video Editing

For video editing services, there are five phases that you can follow for an efficient editing workflow. The first one is to organize and synchronize your media to be placed into folders. This can be based on the day of shooting, the scene, or even the camera used. Then, you can sync your audio to the footage. Next is to string out and review all your media. It’s equally as important to review notes passed to you at this stage. Then you need to roughly edit the video, to find the story with the material that was presented to you. In video editing services, the edit doesn’t necessarily have to be neat, but the content should flow naturally and looks overall cohesive. The fourth stage is the fine cut, and in this stage, you will be making sure that the edit flows seamlessly or implement any changes that are requested by the client. The last stage is finalizing your edit, which is when you believe your edit is truly complete. You’d want to review your edit not only on your workstation but take a look at it through a mobile device, or TV, or render a test file to upload to YouTube to see how it looks online and on various platforms.

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A video production agency needs to acquire the relevant techniques and possess a creative vision to create beautiful videos. For video editing services, the video editor must be familiar with elements from both the pre-production and production phases, such as shot lists and storyboards, as well as continuity and cinematography. Choosing the right video editing software needs to be your priority, as different video software has its own special features and functionality. Different video editing software can accommodate different skill levels, workflow, and budgets. As a video editor, you’ll surely have a large number of assets in your project. You must be able to quickly locate and organize all of your footage and edit it. If you are providing video editing services, A basic step-by-step strategy that divides the edit into small jobs will help you breeze through the editing process (a shooting script is a helpful tool). Take some time to identify and organize clips into bins and folders before diving into the timeline. It’s easier to identify and locate each piece of footage if you organize your clips carefully. It will, above all, save you time and money.

Every business nowadays uses internet marketing to broaden its reach, and video marketing is one of the most popular strategies.

For businesses, a video that is professionally edited gives you the option of changing the flicks and making them more engaging. For the type of video editing, it is important that you choose the one that would work best for the overall appearance of your brand. This is why video editing services need to be highly considered in order for your videos to be presented in the best way possible that will reflect your company’s credibility and establishment. 

As a video production company and a film production house Malaysia, Moving Image provides professional video editing services that can make your videos stand out and look professional depending on your needs.

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