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Our company aims to advance promotional video production, committing time and effort in building brand-specific content. We create high-quality commercial advertisements, suited to showcase all kinds of brand products and services. Audiences are targeted through SEO-related keywords, boosting the likelihood of engagement by consumers.

As a promotional video company, our work can introduce and inform consumers about your brand, highlighting unique product benefits. The videos focus on engaging audiences through memorable content, simultaneously increasing social media visibility and brand awareness.

We provide an all-in-one service to meet and surpass campaign goals throughout the development process. Through promotional video production, our team is able to increase consumer knowledge of different products and services.

We create promotional videos of different lengths and formats. Our team is even capable of building cutdowns for the same footage, reusing video shoots in separate promotional advertisements. In each video proposal, quotations include separate casting and production equipment rental. The Moving Image recognises the importance of consistent brand image for brands to sustain long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Creating and sustaining a brand identity through promotional video production is an ongoing project. With the right direction, companies can increase the perceived value of their products. Customers that access their promotional videos are made aware of unique product benefits in an authentic manner. In collaboration with major brands, The Moving Image creates videos that bring out real emotions from viewers.

Types of Promotional Videos

Promotional videos give consumers a sneak peek into the activities of a company, building genuine excitement over new product launches and campaigns. Our team is focused on nurturing curiosity amongst consumers, building leads that increase sales and brand awareness. Listed below are a few ways in which we grab your attention:

Commercial Advertisements

As the most popular form of promotional video, commercial advertisements focus on one thing: attention. Capturing viewer interest requires in-depth knowledge on production at different levels. The captions, storyline and shot composition used in each campaign influence buyer decisions. With our expertise in script writing, video production and special effects, we aim to highlight the functional benefits of your products in new, exciting ways.

Product Launches

Everyday, consumers are bombarded with new releases across different brands and product lines. Our focus on showcasing products revolves around high-impact narratives and visual storytelling, promoting your brand as a necessary part of each consumer’s lifestyle. Prompts to take action and learn more about your brand are weaved into commercials, bringing the call-to-action directly to the viewer.

Event Promotions

For brands in need of event management, promotion and advertising, we have it all! Our one-stop solution approach to building brand awareness includes filming promotional videos before, during and after events. With this multi-stage method, our production team connects consumers to your brand with creative promotional video production.

Social Media Advertisements

With more and more users joining social media, brand advertisements have created fierce competition for user attention. Targeting audiences relevant to your brand is more important than ever, with SEO-related keywords used in captions to boost potential engagement. This technology increases the likelihood of users engaging with your brand, boosting organic traffic with exciting promotional videos.

Product Sales

Discounting products with limited-time sales and offers is a tried-and-tested way of building brand awareness. At each stage of the consumer buying journey, pulling in new consumers and rewarding loyal customers is possible with promotional video. The initial interest built by discounted products is used to close sales and create expectation on further promotions.


The Moving Image strives for excellence in promotional video production. Our team focuses on improving brand perception with expertise in all stages of production. Utilising all tools available, we craft the right narrative for each promotional video.

To effectively communicate your brand message, we focus on what consumers want. Promotional videos have the potential to create memorable, positive images of any company. Take charge of your campaign direction with a quick strategy call or email today!

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