Corporate Video Production Malaysia – The Whats and Hows of It

A Set of A Corporate Video Production in Malaysia

What is a corporate video?

What does corporate video production Malaysia mean? Is corporate video production Malaysia just another marketing tool? Before we get into it so deeply, we should understand first of all what exactly is a corporate video? Corporate videos are basically any kind of video used for internal or external communication from any corporation or company. One of the factors that makes a corporate video different from normal video advertisements is the target audience for the video. For corporate videos, the target audience is usually a specific group rather than being simply for the general public. Corporate videos are produced mainly to present the finances to stakeholders or promotional videos that showcase new products or services provided by the company. Corporate videos may also be training videos for new employees or a video that presents a new initiative in the corporation. 

Corporate videos can be just as entertaining as the normal commercials targeted to the general public. With a talented and skilled production house, engaging storyline or message, creative use of storytelling, a corporate video can be just as effective as a normal video commercial.

Kl View from A Corporate Video Production in Malaysia
Kl View from A Corporate Video Production in Malaysia

What is corporate video production Malaysia?

As it is written, corporate video production Malaysia refers to corporate videos produced in Malaysia by production houses. In this digital era, corporate videos have evolved from simply being used for internal corporate use or television broadcasting to something that is easily shared on social media platforms and other websites. There are plenty of corporate videos these days that have gone viral and brought about millions of views to the production house that created it.

Because of how shareable corporate videos are these days, the demand for the production of them have skyrocketed, allowing the growth spurt of video production houses in Malaysia to sprout out of the ground like weeds after a downpour. Just on, there is a list of 99 firms that are registered as video production companies. And that’s only those that managed to be on – there’s still way more video production companies out there in Malaysia. 

Corporate video production Malaysia is becoming an increasingly lucrative business as some video production companies offer corporate video packages from prices like RM5000, RM9000,  RM30,000 and more depending on the details of the video. 

As mentioned above, corporate video production Malaysia refers to the process of making a corporate video in Malaysia. So the process of the video production involves coming up with the goals of the video as well as its purpose. What exactly is the target and purpose of this video? This is discussed amongst the involved team at the company and then they will approach a video production house. There will be a consultation between the client and the video production company, whereby the production house may provide their own ideas about how they can breathe life into the messaging and purpose of the video. The process of creating corporate videos involves script writing, storyboarding as well as filming or in-studio animation. 

The best thing about corporate video production Malaysia is that these days in Malaysia, we have advanced technology and equipment just like the rest of the world, allowing for clients to request for the most creative and innovative videos. Anything from flying cars, to complex ideas like black holes and gravity to animated shapes and sounds are all made possible with a knowledgeable and talented production house.

Examples of excellent corporate video production in Malaysia.

  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Corporate Video) 2019

This corporate video from Malaysia is over 3 minutes long but it has garnered over 36 000 views which is extremely impressive considering that it is for a university and viewership in Malaysia is generally not that high for any videos. Upon viewing the video, however, you can get why the video has managed to accumulate that many views and it is clear in the production quality that is present throughout the video. The corporate video production Malaysia company that created this video clearly knew how to promote Universiti Teknologi Malaysia by utilising drone shots, slow motion camera work, engaging music and script that capture the audiences’ attention. 

  • Welcome Back To Sunway Malls 

This corporate video by Sunway Pyramid is an impressive display of creativity, good storytelling and video production quality and currently has about 985,582 views. The camera work and clarity of the video itself is stunning, with excellent shots of the mall when it was closed and had no shoppers in yet, is very tastefully done. The slow motion shots of when the shopkeepers, security guards and other workers in the mall are doing their work, opening up the stores and setting up shop – was filmed beautifully. That, combined with a well written script truly makes a successful corporate video. This proves that corporate video production Malaysia companies are very skilled and adept at creating stunning and informative videos.

  • Sime Darby Berhad Corporate Video 2020

This corporate video from Sime Darby is another great example of good corporate videos. It shows that corporate video production Malaysia can compete with other international corporate brands’ videos. This corporate video is excellent because it not only contains beautiful drone shots, sped-up footage, slow motion footage as well as accompanied by good music, but it also incorporates some visually appealing motion graphics along with the live action scenes. As of this date (May, 2022), the video has managed to collect a total of 19,725 views, making it to be one of Malaysia’s more successful corporate videos.

A View from A Corporate Video Production Malaysia Location
A View from A Corporate Video Production Malaysia Location
  • Sunway Corporate Video

This video by Sunway Group is another perfect show of why corporate video production Malaysia can be entertaining yet informative. The way the video is constructed, you can tell from the get-go that the production house that produced it is a highly experienced and talented one. The video is so impressive that it even features footage from decades ago when Bandar Sunway was an abandoned tin mine. It showcases pictures of Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah making his first efforts to acquire and develop the land. To date, it has close to 19,000 views on YouTube and it’s obviously due to the wonderful video production company. Corporate video production Malaysia has truly evolved from simply produced videos to more complex and beautiful works of arts. 

  • GSC Leader

Next on our list is the monumental video from GSC and this corporate video was created for the purpose of highlighting the amazing experiences that one can get from visiting a GSC cinema. This video has it all – mind blowing animation, motion graphics, special effects, 2D and 3D animation as well as awe-inspiring sound effects. From animated whales and t-rexes to visually compelling shots of how the fine hairs on a human’s skin stand up; it just shows the absolute splendour of this video. It is only a minute plus in length but it has already managed to receive 61,888 views  which is a reflection of how far corporate video production Malaysia has come. 

To conclude, corporate videos are definitely a marketing and training tool that is most beneficial for companies and brands in Malaysia. Here at The Moving Image, we provide corporate video production services. We help create visually awe-inspiring corporate videos that are certain to enthral and engage your targeted audience. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email and we will be more than happy to discuss all things corporate video related. 






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