Benefits of Motion Graphic Videos

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What are motion graphic videos?

You may have seen more than a handful of animated and motion graphic videos in your lifetime by now but you probably weren’t aware of the difference. You might even be surprised to know that there was a difference between motion graphic videos and animated videos. So what exactly are motion graphic videos and how do they differ from normal animation?

To be more specific, motion graphics are a type of animation. The factor that sets motion graphics apart is the fact that it gives movement to shapes or objects that normally don’t have such animation. For example, when you create a presentation slide show and you add the effects and animation to it such as the moving shapes or the animated texts. This is probably why a lot of the time, motion graphics are made for the purpose of educating, informing or bringing awareness to the audience.

Many Malaysia video production companies these days are fully equipped to create motion graphics because they know the demand for such a media. Motion graphics are an incredibly functional communicative tool. They can add more depth and story to a video, making them more appealing to the general audience. When we marry the elements of the motion graphics with music and text, the product of such a union can be extremely effective. We use motion graphic videos for many different purposes such as for creating advertisements, title sequences for movies, informative videos and educational or training materials.

Benefits of motion graphic videos

  1. Bringing complex ideas to life 

Plenty of brands need more than a minute to explain to their target audience the services or products they are selling. And as technology advancement marches onward, humans these days find themselves lacking a long attention span. We skim and scan every text-heavy website we encounter. This is where motion graphic videos come in as they are an excellent visual aid. Motion graphics can further illustrate your complex ideas in a more simplified manner, conveying the correct message you intended for your audience while also simultaneously capturing their attention and keeping them engaged. Through the use of fluid animation and movement, dynamic shapes, attractive colours and more, all the detailed nitty-gritty of your products or services are made more easily accessible. This is the beauty of motion graphic videos – they allow you to send out a message within only a few seconds rather than minutes.

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  1. The freedom to be creative

When it comes to motion graphic videos, the sky’s the limit. Like animation, motion graphics allow you to tap into your imagination and let it run wild and free. If you need a tiger running errands on a motorcycle or a hot air balloon floating up in the sky only to plummet down to the ground – all in the pursuit of showcasing your product and service – then motion graphic videos are the medium for you. An added bonus to this is that you won’t need to hire a whole cast and crew of actors and directors to create such content. Paying a whole filming crew is far more expensive than hiring a team of animators to create a motion graphic video for you. The team of animators can also combine other animation types in order to create a seamless, energetic video. A Malaysia video production company can help create motion graphics if it has an in-house animation team. 

  1. Easily memorized information

These days, video has indeed become the most popular type of content with a staggering 96% of consumers increasing their video consumption in 2020. 9 out of 10 of these consumers admitted that they watch a video because they wanted to learn more about a business or a brand. A lot of the reason why is because 65% of the general population are visual learners, hence, making videos the type of content that is easily consumed by many. 

With that information, it is not surprising that motion graphics truly help retain the information it is trying to convey to the audience. When information is presented in an eye-catching and entertaining way, there is a better chance that the audience will be able to recall what the video was about without too much effort. Motion graphic videos are the perfect form of media because it combines both the elements of being an educational video as well as a form of entertainment, making it a far better memory retainer than a text-heavy article. 

  1. Motion graphic videos make a viewer stay longer 

Just as it says on the tin, motion graphics have the allure to allow the viewer to stay on your website for longer. This is most likely because of the fact that plenty of people who consume videos tend to watch them from start to finish, staying until the last second. Unlike text based content which only retains a short period of time when it comes to their attention span, motion graphics are a visually attractive form of media that is easy to consume. According to, more than 60% of the population watch a video until the very end. 

If you’re a brand or company, you would want users to stay on your website for a long while. This is because the length of time visitors stay on your website can determine whether or not you’re attracting the right kind of leads. Motion graphics being an excellent tool to retain their attention span is perfect to help increase their length of stay time. Some motion graphics can even be more than one or two minutes in length. Take for example, the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, which has a catalogue of motion graphics that are mostly over 10 minutes long. If you want your visitors to remain on your website for a long while, you could create longer motion graphic videos that are entertaining and informative much like the ones produced by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell.

A Picture Showcasing the Savings You Get in Motion Graphic Video

  1. Cost saving with better ROI

Motion graphics are great marketing tools that help gain you more engagement as well as convert leads into customers. Motion graphic videos are made up of animation, illustrations, music or sound effects and all of that usually results in a higher conversion rate. It is said to have an increase by 20% in conversion rates with a higher return on investment as compared to other marketing tools. 

Motion graphics are also not as expensive as live action videos that require a whole production crew to create. An average price of a motion graphic video that is around the length of 40 to 60 seconds is only around RM5000 whereas a live action video with actors and film crew can go up to RM30, 000. Thus, there is no question that motion graphics are way more affordable than a video that requires actors, props and a production house.

In conclusion, motion graphic videos are truly an advantageous tool for a business or company due to all of the reasons stated above. If you’re a company thinking of marketing your products or services in a fun yet informative way, you may be interested to know that we, at The Moving Image, provide such resources. As a Malaysia video production house, our skilled and talented team of graphic designers are more than capable of bringing your ideas to life through excellent motion graphics.

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