Animated Videos vs. Live Production Videos: Which is the Right Choice for Your Business

Videos vs. Live Production Videos

Videos have turned into a need in promoting plans everywhere throughout the globe. The complicated part is choosing which kind of video works best to pass on your branded message. How would you settle on the most proficient method to introduce the visual components of your message? Which is ideal, live action, or animated videos? The two arrangements can be similarly compelling, however the best decision will for the most part rely upon the manner in which you need to connect with your audience and the general objective of your video. When it comes to settling on animated and live production, everything relies upon your necessities and spending plan. In the event that you have a lower spending plan or you need to clarify conceptual ideas, animated videos can work best. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you can splurge or you need to have an increasingly passionate effect, utilize a live production video


Animated videos are becoming trendy in the present marketing world. These videos utilize a blend of animated pictures, content, illustration, information, and sound to introduce information in an engaging way. These sorts of videos are most ordinarily being used to easily clarify ideas, thoughts and procedures in a short measure of time. In the event that your product or service is consistently developing, it tends to be less demanding to make changes to an animated video as opposed to getting back on set for a live production video shoot. It’s likewise extremely simple to build up or fortify your brand with animated videos. You’re ready to make a video with a visual style that use your brand norms and style guides, including colours, text styles, and the general look and feel.

Animated videos have various components. The standard procedure for an animated video begins with composing the content. At that point onto storyboard, production, voice over, music and audio effects. At that point what’s more, you have the alterations and updates at each stage and consultation time.


Live production video refers to conventional cinematography and videography that does not utilize animation. A phenomenal live production video can recount a genuine story easily. Live production would be best for you in the event that it is basic to demonstrate a product, a genuine workplace, or a specific individual in your video. Real human appearance or a cordial face can make it less demanding for your group of audiences to identify with a subject. The client testimony is an amazing video advertising tool, and it allows the watcher to see that other individuals like your product or service. interviews and testimonials are much simpler to process in a live production video. In the event that your staff don’t feel great before a camera, or on the off chance that you’re stressed over staff turnaround, at that point an animated video might be a superior course for you.

Live production videos have an alternate procedure all together. To start, you have your content and storyboard organize. Which you will either need a go at it yourself, or contract someone to do it. At that point you have the shooting where you’ll require: location, cast, insurance, props, wardrobe and set. At last you have all your post-production components. From altering, music, audio effects and additional illustrations. In any case, if time and cash is tight, it’s conceivable to shoot a DIY style live production video in only a few days. A noteworthy advantage of Live production, is that you can exploit things you as of now have. You can utilize your home or working environment as a setting and rope your companions and associates in to do some acting.



An advantage of animated videos is that they don’t require performing artists or costly locations. There are no sets to construct or locations to discover, and no angry actor to pamper. Sparing you cash, time, and energy. Animated videos additionally work best for abstract products or services. They speak to an approach to simplify complex points and breathe life into them, by connecting with the group of audiences.


The principle downside animated videos can have is that they will in general feel more impersonal than live production videos. Animated videos can likewise take three to seven weeks to make, contingent upon length and unpredictability. In the event that time is against you, you have to hold up under that as a main priority.


Leeway of live-production videos is that they convey a true, enlightening tone. They can likewise have a refining feeling to them. Individuals can some of the time relate more to live-production videos, as they convey feelings rapidly. This is a result of our capacity to read body language. Live production videos are likewise quicker to make as long as you don’t add such a large number of complex components to them.


The fundamental disadvantage of live production are the expenses. The more mind boggling, respectable, and high calibre the video, the costlier it can get. Another downside of live production video is your capacity to alter once the recording has been recorded. On the off chance that you missed a scene or need to include a couple of additional words then this can be troublesome. Getting the team, location and setup back together may be beside unimaginable. While with animated videos revises and changes are significantly easy.


Picking the correct sort of video production strategy isn’t in every case simple, however it’s in every case best to talk about your message, group of audiences, goals, and end use finally before pushing ahead. A blend of both animated video and live production is a great idea when it effectively satisfies the reason. The option of animated video with live production introduces an extra component with the finished result that is engaging and memorable. Knowing your targets first will support this choice. It is likewise conceivable to join still photographs with motion graphics animation in a way that conveys real life to an animated video.

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