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Artists Filming for A Music Video Production in Malaysia

The Influence of Music Videos on Pop Culture

In the world of pop culture evolution, videos help artists stand out from the crowd and bring a nostalgic factor that can be revisited according to decades. Do you ever get a certain type of feel when you listen to a song, because of the music video that was made? If it’s a sad music video like anything from Aina Abdul, a devastating plot that is linked with the sad lyric can instantly make you feel more emotional. If it’s an upbeat song with a feel-good video like Happy by Pharell Williams or Supergirls by DeFam for music video production malaysia, you associate it with choreographed dance moves, and the thought of the music video will give you an instant shot of serotonin. That is the role of music videos, to exude a certain type of concept that the artist is currently portraying or give a visual representation of their songs. In a sea of billions of concentrated songs being produced in the music industry with similar genres, a personal style is important for music video production malaysia as it can easily make a mark on people’s impressions, and music video themes that are viral-worthy can boost the artist’s visibility and exposure exponentially. A music video company plays an important role in allowing the artist’s image and music to be more widely consumed than ever, generating more coverage and fame for these artists. A music video production malaysia also has the ability to invent personas for local artists which would influence how their fans would see them. A lot of artists use music videos to drive higher reach, with music videos like Despacito by Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee has been placed at no.2 in the top 10 most viewed youtube videos of all time, with a total of 7.8 billion views. 

Music Video Production Process in Malaysia

Music Video Production Process, Results, and Everything in Between

In the local music scene, music videos are a huge appeal to a wide range of audiences from different backgrounds, interests, and cultural standpoints. A music video production Malaysia with high production value and interesting concepts can create a huge buzz among the locals and fans, which will then create an establishment for rising recording artists or even long-time veterans. For artists and their recording labels, a quality music video with an attention-grabbing concept is worth investing in as it can also determine the popularity of the artists and gain the interest of the public. A music video with a continued storyline from one song to another can also create anticipation, and form discussions among fans. Because of that, they are not afraid to set aside more budget when it comes to music video production Malaysia. When it comes to music video production in Malaysia, there is a flow of processes to follow in order to shoot the music video. There is the pre-production, then there’s video production, and the last stage is the post-production. During pre-production, a discussion is made between the client and the music video company crew on developing the overall concept. Budget, location, and timeline are also discussed in this stage, to ensure that a mutual understanding is achieved on what to expect when the video-making process takes place. After a concept is agreed upon between two parties, a storyboard is set up to get a full picture of the tone, style, and complete storyline. During the shooting of the music video production in malaysia, most music videos are shot within only a few days, depending on the production size. It’s important for the music video company to have a complete set of equipment and crew, while also having a secured backup plan in case something doesn’t go as expected during shooting. Another important thing to note is making certain that all the crew has the same understanding with the director on the direction of the music video, to maximize efficiency and ensure that the timing is going smoothly according to the timeline. After the video production wraps up, the post-production period starts. This is the stage where the music video company will edit the video shots to match the audio, and add transitions, effects, and b-rolls to achieve the desired end goal of the music video. A music video production malaysia release is always highly anticipated and widespread on social media platforms, and there will usually be a teaser to drive the hype.

Music Editing for Music Video

How Much Does Music Video Production Cost?

A well-made three- to 4-minute music video production cost between RM80,000 and RM100,000. This is reasonable according to the budget of the music video, as it varies with the size of the production you’re going for. Besides the basic fee, you need to look into whether the budget covers the props, equipment, talent, and location as it can also determine the total price. You can negotiate the price with the music video company depending on the concept, and find the best way to shoot without falling out of budget. All in all, music video production cost  is definitely a worthy investment considering the fact that it will drive a lot of sales and exposure for the artist, and Malaysia is big on riding the viral wave. A quality music video will not only benefit in that sense but also give out a timeless effect to the audience for decades to come. Take Dato Siti Nur Haliza for example, her music videos have a lot of views and have become instant classics among the heart of netizens.

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